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Week One – Introduction

5th - 9th Sept

Day 1: Introduction to course

Day 2: Buddy group icebreaker

Day 3: Briefing 1: clinical information needs

Day 4: Individual exercise

Day 5: Guided reading in medical humanities


Week Two – Information for diagnosis and prognosis

12th - 16th Sept

Day 6: Briefing 2: Information for diagnosis and prognosis 

Day 7: Group exercise 1

Day 8: Competition

Day 9: Individual exercise: speak to a clinician

Day 10: Catch up day


Week Three – Information for treatment and management

19th - 23rd Sept

Day 11: Briefing 3: Information for treatment and management

Day 12: Group exercise 2

Day 13: Catch up day

Day 14: Guided reading Trish Greenhalgh Narrative-based medicine

Day 15: Individual exercise


Week Four – Screening and prevention

26th - 30th Sept

Day 16: Briefing 4: Information for screening and prevention

Day 17: Catch up

Day 18: Individual exercise

Day 19: Quiz: medical terminology

Day 20: Group exercise 3 Conclusion


Week Five – Decision making

3rd - 7th Oct

Day 21: Briefing 5: Information for decision making

Day 22: DIPEX resource

Day 23: Individual exercise: presenting risk

Day 24: Catch up

Day 25: Group discussion: disclosure of clinical outcomes: which of five options is the best way of presenting these


Week Six – Conclusion

10th - 14th Oct

Day 26: Briefing 6: Clinicians and information services in the future

Day 27: Debate and quiz answers

Day 28: Competition answers

Day 29: Course summary

Day 30: Conclusion and evaluation


Portfolio Submission: Friday 28th October



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